Kiyomizu Temple - Bells
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#fbf Kiyomizu-dera Wind Chimes

It’s been a while since I’ve done a Flashback Friday or #fbf post so I thought I’d do one today!

As I scrolled through my camera roll to find a photo that would jump out at me as one I would want to share today, I came across my videos of the beautiful wind chimes at Kiyomizu-dera – a temple in Kyoto, Japan that I visited in summer 2018. The temple is actually a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

I though this photo and more specifically, the sound of the chimes, was especially fitting given that for many people this week has been particularly emotionally draining. I don’t know why the Kobe Bryant tragedy is effecting me so much, but I know I’m not the only one. My cousin and best friend have also expressed similar feelings as mine – that it’s just got us in this funk this week. I normally don’t get so torn up about a stranger/celebrity’s death, but this one just hurts. I think it’s I can’t watch the video tributes (Jimmy Fallon and Elle Duncan from ESPN to name two) or the photos without crying. I haven’t been in the mood to do much besides what I have to do – go to work, write, read, do chores. I just feel drained.

The sound of the these wind chimes is so beautiful and gives me a feeling of peace and tranquility. A sound that maybe you need to hear too!

Kiyomizu Temple - Bells


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