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There is something truly extraordinary about having a garden. Gardening is, for many, a way of soothing the soul of its tensions and conflicted thoughts. Ultimately, whether you’ve got green thumbs or not, looking after your garden is a hobby that can make you genuinely happy. It conveys a lot of joy, not only to you as a gardener, but also as a spectator. Watching your beloved plants grow and bloom has a strangely relaxing and uplifting effect. In short, having a garden is fundamentally good for you. 

Except that not everyone is lucky enough to have a jolly patch of yard in front of their home. If you live in an apartment, gardens are probably the kind of thing you can only dream of from a distance. However, while you may not be able to grow your lawn and plant a few trees in the yard, it doesn’t mean you can’t create a garden feel indoors to break the monotony of the urban landscape. Here are some ideas to take your favorite things about gardening and bring them inside your city apartment: 


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Use garden tips to make you fake garden

Did you know that you could create a mini garden inside your home? You don’t need much to get started. You can follow maintenance tips for potted gardens to keep some of your favorite plants in decorative pots. Be sure to choose the appropriate pot size so that the roots can grow without feeling contrived. Additionally, if you want to dedicate an area of your living room to your indoor garden, you can even add a small gravel path between your pots. You will need a shallow plant bed that you can fill with sand to support your pots. Sand is the perfect receptacle for a decorative path, out of gravel or pebbles, or any of your favorite garden stones. You don’t need a large area to make your garden feel just like a real one. Peace and joy guaranteed! 


Make everything smell like summer

Imagine walking in a garden in summer. Close your eyes and picture the odors you want to smell. You can make them fit into your lifestyle. It’s worth checking for indoor diffusers, as some come with delicate flower and fruit fragrances. You will find candles that smell exactly like a real garden. Yankee candle has a variety of garden scents, including a Garden by the Sea, Fresh Cut Roses and Lavender jars, which can transport you into your dream garden. The choices you make in your everyday life can also bring some refreshing scents inside your home. Even smokers, for instance, can check for some of the best e Juices selections, such as field berries, to bring you back to outdoor summer activities and the memories of walking in the woods. If you’re not one for vaping, how about choosing naturally scented soap bars for the bathroom, instead? 


Give your bathroom all the greens

Speaking about the bathroom, did you know that it is the best room for an indoor garden? The naturally humid climate in the bathroom is splendid for plants that thrive in a low-light and humid environment. A potted spider plant, for instance, will brighten up the space and doesn’t need a lot of maintenance in exchange for its lush presence. If you want to see flowers, add a potted orchid to your collection. Orchids love humidity! 


Paint it green anytime

You don’t need a real garden to boost your mood. You can trick your brain by decorating your home. Painting the walls green works wonders! Indeed, because green is the combination of dynamic yellow and calming blue, it is a color that can make you feel happy and relaxed at the same time, just like you would feel if you were walking in your own garden. If painting isn’t your thing, you can use a printed wallpaper to create an accent wall. 

Tenants needn’t despair, though. When you can’t use the walls, try changing your cushion covers or your bedsheets for a green landscape. 


Bring natural materials to your decor

Nature is all around us, even in town. Keep your eyes open for wood sticks, pretty rocks, or anything else you can collect and use at home. You can turn pieces of branches and twigs collected in your local park into a quirky coat hanger to hang on the wall or a unique shelf. All you need is to clean and treat the wood, using varnish products you can find at your local DIY store. Or why not use a rock as a paper press on your desk? 


Not everyone has a house with a garden. But that doesn’t mean you can’t build your own garden-inspired sanctuary at home, to relax and escape the gray urban landscape. On the contrary, playing with scents, colors, and the unique environment of your apartment gives you a ton of possibilities to explore!

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