A Garden That Remains Beautiful In A Wet Climate

The picturesque view of a magical garden is one that is almost always set in spring or summer. The glorious sunshine is met with beautiful birdsong and tranquil flowers. Gardens are at their best when the weather is just right. Unfortunately, not everyone has this luxury. Living in Western Europe and generally, in the northern hemisphere, you will encounter rain for much of the year. That doesn’t mean that your gardens cannot remain impeccable and jaw-droppingly gorgeous. It will take a little willpower and plenty of elbow grease, but you can inject some stoic beauty into your garden.

A fighting chance
Living in a rainy climate can give you a false sense of security. Because you have so much rainfall you believe that every plant in your garden will receive plenty of water to grow tall and vibrant. If you have a large lawn however, you must give your plants a fighting chance because the lawn will act like a sponge. Potting all your plants is the best options. It protects the roots from being entangled by other plants that try to trap them and stop them from finding water sources. It also means that you can personally water the plants and flowers, and the neighboring plants won’t steal the water from the lesser ones. Placing the pots into the soil or keeping them on top is a matter of personal style.

Welcome anytime
A lot of rain means that your garden will be squishy and soft, making it easy for your shoes to get messy. It’s not that inhibiting which forces you to stay indoors even when you’d like some fresh air. A paved patio would give you strength, style and access to your own garden at all times. You’re welcome anytime to have a stroll and unwind, enjoy your flowers and pull up a chair to relax. But, how much does a paver patio really cost? Well, you must consider the long-term benefits. There’s much less maintenance required than any other type. The materials used are very durable and, because individual pieces are laid, it’s so adaptable. Not just in design, but modernity and technology. A paved patio is much friendlier to LED lamps, standing potted plants and pebbled paths. In the long run, you’ll be paying for much less than most other types of patio.

The ever-powerful pebble
White limestone pebbles are in abundance in the gardening world. There’s such a high demand for this material which makes it cheap. Making pebbled paths for your garden or placing pebbles over the soil would bring a neutral style to your garden. It makes the garden look much cleaner than it may be. It’s also great for security reasons as the white limestone reflects life very well. You also have plenty of variations to choose from such as small, large, smooth, rough and polished. 
Any garden that’s constantly punished by the elements will struggle to retain its beauty. But the rain can be wrestled, with white pebbles restoring cleanliness. A paved patio will make you feel welcome anytime, with irrigation designs to keep the garden dry as possible. 

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