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How have you been coping with all of the time indoors during this self-quarantining? Are you binging shows on Netflix? Are you crafting? Cooking? I’ve been working from home (virtually teaching) so that’s been taking up most of my days and then cooking a lot. I already cooked quite a bit and enjoy it, but now that I’m home for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and not going out for any dinners with friends and family, there’s been a lot of cooking going on.

With all this extra time inside our homes, it makes it much easier if you’ve got furniture and surroundings that you actually like. When I moved into my condo a few months ago, I took my time buying all my furniture because I wanted to get pieces I really liked and went with the style and vibe I was going for – not just random things. I didn’t want a hodge podge of pieces just because I was in a rush to completely furnish my place.

Over time, I have almost finished furnishing my place. I have a few pieces that are still supposed to come in. But, overall, my place is pretty much done and I’m so happy with everything. And it’s a good thing I am because I’m inside all day, every day. Except for the rare outings to the supermarket and on nice days I try to get a walk in for some fresh air and some exercise. Can you imagine how much worse it would be to be self-quarantining inside all the time if you don’t like your furniture and/or it’s not comfortable or pleasant to look at?

Spending so much time inside  has also made a lot of people want to redecorate and tinker with their space. I’ve seen a ton of that on social media lately! Over the years, and especially in the last 6 months, I’ve been to a lot of different furniture stores and looked at a lot of different furniture. And I’m sure you’ve heard this before or you’ve experienced this – but picking out furniture is hard! First, you have to like what it looks like. Then, you need to consider if it will go with the other pieces you have. Next, if it’s furniture like chairs, sofas, etc. you need to make sure it’s comfortable. Lastly, the price can play a big factor. Do you know how many sofas I sat on before picking mine out? And you know right away whether you like a sofa or not. As soon as you sit down it’s either a yes or no. There are so many factors that go in to picking out furniture!

I love furniture stores that have a good variety of things to look at. It’s hard to find the perfect dining table if the store only has three or four for you to look at. Places like Furniture Bank Factory Outlet can offer a variety of pieces for you to choose from for all over your house. You can choose from your standard sofas, beds, dining room tables to things like mirrors, accent tables, bar carts, and King Mattresses in Bergen County. I love when you can find so many different things all in one place!

furniture bank outletYou can visit their store in Westwood, NJ or you can shop online. What’s cool about their online shop is that if you look at a photo, like the one I posted above, they will list the different pieces such as the exact table and the chairs. It makes it so much easier as a consumer instead of having to search through the entire website to find the pieces you like.

Or in the photo below, they will list the exact sofas, love seat, accent chair, ottoman, etc.

furniture bank outlet 1

Their prices look comparable to many of the other popular furniture stores. I like when you can get really good quality furniture for a decent price. I’m willing to pay more for good furniture, but obviously not a ridiculous amount. I remember when I was looking for a dining room table back in September, I had gone to a few stores trying to find one I liked, was the right size, and went with my other furniture. I also wanted one that would go with the new flooring I was putting in. I went from store to store looking at different tables and I went to one store that I had heard was pretty pricey, but I had never gone in before and just wanted to take a look. How pricey was this place? I won’t name the place, but it was mind blowingly expensive!! I saw a single chair for like the price of a whole dining set. So price and other little expenses that you may not think about should definitely be considerations. Furniture Bank Outlet offers free delivery and installation, and no sales tax. I have bought furniture from places with free delivery before and it is honestly the best. You never realize how much delivery really costs until you’re paying it and it adds up so fast!

These are all things to consider when furniture shopping and take it from me, you should consider everything really carefully because you want to be happy with your furniture. You’re investing in these pieces and the hope is that they will last you for years to come so that you’re not wasting money every few years to replace things that have worn out or broke. You also want to make sure you really like the furniture – don’t just buy something to buy it – make sure you like it! Because you never know when you’re going to end up being required to stay home for weeks at a time and it would really stink to be in a place where you can’t stand looking at your furniture and/or it’s too uncomfortable to be sitting on, lying on, etc. for extended periods of time!

I hope you’re all well, staying healthy, and if you’re looking around your house and want to start redecorating, take my tips in to consideration!

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  • Krystle

    When we first moved into our new home it took us about 6 months to get completely “settled”. I was the same way as you, I took my time and invested in pieces that made me happy and went with our overall vibe. Luckily we had some great pieces that transitioned from our previous home, but even now, I feel like I’m still slowly decorating here and there. 😊
    When the weather cooperates we’ve enjoyed afternoon walks around the neighborhood just to get out of the house for a little while.
    Enjoy your spring break. 😊

    • lifeaccordingtojamie

      It’s always fun to continue to decorate and easier on the wallet when you spread out your purchases haha! Walks during this time have been a lifesaver for me! I hope you’re well and healthy!

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