4 Ways To Add Value to Your Garden

When selling your property, you want every part of the house to be looking its best. A lick of paint here, a new carpet there, perhaps a new kitchen or bathroom – all these details add real value to your property.  

But we often neglect the part of the home that gives potential buyers their first impression: the garden. Not only does a beautiful, well-kept garden imply a cared-for property, it also opens the buyer’s imagination to afternoons spent in the sun, kids playing on the grass, BBQs with friends, and home-grown vegetables. The garden is a big part of the lifestyle the property is advertising, and so should be a top priority in your preparations for sale.

So if you’re looking for some top tips on how to add value to your garden, check out the list below for some useful ideas.


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Spruce, Clean and Declutter
If you don’t have the time or resources to add anything major to your garden, focus first on clearing, decluttering and sprucing up what’s already there. Because the garden may be the first thing potential buyers see on arrival, and first impressions are very important. 

If the garden is overgrown, cut back the trees, mow the lawn, get rid of the weeds, and tidy any plants and flowers. Any litter or discarded toys can go in the trash or into storage.  A clear, well-kept outdoor space will give the buyer room to dream up their own vision for the garden. It will also give the impression of a property that has been well-loved.  


Add a Porch or Patio
One of the best value-booting additions you can bring into your garden is a porch or patio. Decent sized patio and decking areas add value as they are great for entertaining and alfresco dining. Adding some good lighting outside will also enable people to make the most of the garden on those long summer nights. 


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Having a good-quality professional job done will enhance the overall appearance of your outside space. So look for a local company with whom you can build a working relationship, like this Deck Company in Atlanta, talk through your options, and add a showpiece to your garden that will catch the attention of any buyer.  


Seasonal Colours
The only thing better than a clean and tidy lawn, is a bright and colourful garden that excites the eye.  When showing your home, you want the buyers to visualise living there, so have pot plants filled with flowers to give it some colour.

First impressions count, and in the spring and summer months, you want to show your garden off to its full potential. This will definitely add perceived value and gives you a better chance to maximise the selling price.


Tasteful Storage
Sheds are not only practical, but they are coming back into fashion. They can be used from anything as a useful place to store bikes and lawnmowers to a garden retreat. By putting up a good-sized shed, you are adding a useful storage space for gardeners and families with outdoor furniture and toys. 


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Many people also choose to work from home, and an insulated shed could provide the perfect home office. Additional space in the shape of pods, studios or cabins provide potential work space options for house hunters.

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