5 Garden Improvements That Will Add Value To Your Home

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Looking to add value to your home? While there are many improvements you can make to the interior and exterior of your home’s building to achieve this, there are also many improvements that you can also make to your garden. Here are just five garden improvements that could make your home sell for more.

New fencing

Old, damaged fencing is likely to bring down the appearance of your garden and it could prove a safety issue for buyers with pets. By investing in new fencing, you could help to make your garden more aesthetically attractive and more secure. Many people choose wooden fencing, however you may want to look into the The Advantages and Disadvantages of Wood Fencing first before deciding on this material. Other options could include vinyl or concrete.

A shed

A shed could also possibly add value to your home. Many buyers like the idea of having this extra outdoor storage. Obviously, when choosing to build a shed in your garden, you need to be sure that it’s a high quality built shed. Materials like wood and aluminium are popular.

A patio/decking area

You may also be able to add value by laying a patio or decking area. These designated outdoor living areas can be ideal for hosting parties or simply eating outdoors. Patios tend to be better suited to flat areas, while decking area can be built on more uneven surfaces. It can be expensive laying patio or decking – opting to do it yourself could save costs, but only if you feel confident enough at landscaping.

Outdoor lighting

Outdoor lighting could also help to add value. It can make your garden brighter in the evening, which can make it a more practical space in the evenings. There are lots of different types of exterior lighting to consider from flood lighting to ambient lighting. This could be connected to the house or it could be solar powered.

Artificial grass

A growing amount of homeowners are ditching their real lawns and are opting for artificial grass instead. Why? Because artificial grass results in a lot less maintenance. Unlike real grass, you don’t have to mow it or sprinkle it or add fertiliser. Instead, your artificial grass will remain green all year round. This has resulted in many homes with artificial grass shooting up in value

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