Oh, What To Do With That Spare Room?


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For those lucky enough to have a big enough house with a spare room, do you actually make the most of it? A spare room is one of those gifts that we can give ourselves but they tend to be used for piling up all the clutter. A spare room can be so much more! What can you do with that spare room that doesn’t just make it more useful to the home, but can become a space that you (and everybody in the house) will gravitate towards?

A Home Office
You can take inspiration from a variety of rooms but if you find that you have a busy lifestyle, and you need somewhere so you can sit down and focus, a home office is ideal. Using a home office, especially if the room is not big enough to become habitable, but not small enough to be a broom cupboard, a home office is most definitely the best of both worlds. You don’t have to put much in there; a simple desk and chair will suffice. That way, if you’ve got a home where there’s an abundance of foot traffic, especially from the children, you’ve got somewhere you can shut yourself away to do those all-important tasks.Β 

Reading Room
If you need somewhere to focus or spend adequate downtime, but the living room doesn’t provide that peace of mind, a reading room can give you the chance to decompress. A reading room can be the epitome of sparseness, or full of inspiration. Putting a leather couch, or comfy armchair in the corner of the room, leaving the rest to be decorated with bookshelves and key tomes of literature automatically provides the ambiance, as well as the decorations. A reading room becomes a haven because it epitomizes quiet, and you can add to this by decorating it with specific tones like warming browns or soothing greens.

Guest Bedroom
Arguably one of the most obvious, but crucial nonetheless; a guest bedroom is somewhere that can become a space for experimentation. Having a dedicated room for guests is perfect when you have friends or family staying with you on a regular basis. It doesn’t have to be expensive to decorate either; you can add that sofa bed you’ve been loathe to throw out for a long time, and you can make it a comfortable but luxurious space so your loved ones can have a good, relaxing stay. The most important thing about the guest bedroom is that it’s versatile. Having the ideal bed frame in tandem with the curtains and wall colors can automatically create that sensation of calmness with a bit of warmth. You want to make it a home away from home, and you can do this with soft furnishings.

A spare room is a blank canvas, and if you want to make the most of this underused space, it can be anything you want it to be! The spare room is a godsend, especially in the overcrowded world we live in. Don’t let it go to waste!

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