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Hallmark Christmas Movies I Would & Have Watched Multiple Times

If you know me, it’s no secret that I have a mild obsession with Hallmark movies. Sure they are predictable and many of them follow a similar formula – especially the romantic comedy ones. But I don’t care, I will still watch all the movies! The Christmas movies are especially my favorite. Some are much better than others. Some I watch and I really love and some I’m like eh, that was just okay. This season of Christmas movies on the channel started back at the end of October so I’ve already seen quite a few and there are still more to come leading up to the holiday. Some of the ones this year have been really good and some were a waste of my time, but I’m not here to talk about this year’s movies today. I’m here to round up a few Hallmark Christmas movies from previous years that are my tried and true – meaning I loved them so much that I’ve watched them more than once and I would watch them again!

Hallmark Christmas Movie Mug

There are many that I love and would watch over and over again, but these are just 5 that immediately came to mind.

  1. A Bramble House Christmas – I really love this one. A mom of a young boy who has had health issues in the past inherits money from a patient who has passed away. She is a home health aide. Using some of the money that she receives, she takes her son to a bed & breakfast in a snowy town, where her former patient had told her of fond childhood memories. The former patient left his children when they were young and so when his now grown-up kids find out their father has died and left everything to his home health aide, they are suspicious. The son tracks down said home health aide at Bramble House and holiday activities, friendship, and love ensue naturally.
  2. Dashing through the Snow – This one is silly but I still love it. A young woman is trying to get home to her mom for Christmas and is mistakenly put on the no-fly list. The FBI thinks her gift box that she is carrying is actually a bomb or some sort of dangerous item so they have an undercover agent befriend her. They road trip together to get home for the holidays and of course fall in love!
  3. The Nine Lives of Christmas – This one might be the oldest of the bunch here, but it’s still a good one. A woman who is back in school to become a veterinarian crosses paths with a local firefighter. Her cat and his stray cat (I think it’s a stray – I don’t remember how he got the cat) link up and bring their owners together. When she gets kicked out of her apartment for violating the pet policy, he offers to have her as a roommate at his house and they of course get really close. Surprisingly, I love this movie despite the fact that I am not a cat person.
  4. Matchmaker Santa – Okay, the oldest movie of this bunch is a tie between this one and the previous one above. In this one a baker is trying to get to her boyfriend’s family’s cabin for the holidays. She gets sidetracked and stranded due to bad weather and a broken down car. While stuck in a small Christmas town, she becomes close and falls in love with her boyfriend’s colleague who is, of course, a much better guy than her boyfriend is. I mean, what kind of boyfriend sends his colleague to pick up his girlfriend instead of going to get her himself?!
  5. Miss Christmas – A young woman is in charge of securing the big Christmas tree in Chicago (I think it’s Chicago). She scours the country for potential trees and when a kid writes in about a tree on his family’s farm she goes to check it out. Unbeknownst to the kid’s dad. She spends the movie getting close with the family and trying to convince her new love interest to give up the tree.


These are clearly all good ones since I’ve seen them multiple times and would not hesitate to watch them again! As mentioned above, these are just a few that came to mind – there are actually a lot more that I like. And these do not include any of the ones from this year that I love.

P.S. my mug is from Etsy. The shop I got it from doesn’t seem to be available any more or at the moment but if you search Etsy there are a ton of Hallmark mugs.

Do you like Hallmark Christmas movies?

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