Floral Medallion Print Top
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Floral Medallion Print Top

Quick post for you today on this floral medallion print top. I know half the time I say I’m going to do a quick post I end up rambling and making it longer than the average post, but I’m really intending to keep this one short today!

This top is sleeveless, which is fine because I’m wearing it with my cozy soft grey cardigan anyway. I love the large floral medallion print and all the colors. When I got this top I didn’t realize it was sheer. I think because the back is solid so when I picked it up, it didn’t look sheer. But, no matter – I just wore a camisole underneath. I wore the top with my cardigan and leggings for these photos, but I just wore this look to work a few days ago and I just swapped out the leggings for black pants.

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Top:Β LOFT | Cardigan:Β LOFT | Leggings: Nordstrom Rack

You can sorta see my lip swelling up a bit in these photos – it was the start of my fabulous cold sore (I’m battling a cold if you didn’t know). It has since blistered over and I’m hoping this weekend it falls off. Fingers crossed! I’m planning on taking a few outfit photos today and tomorrow so I’ll have to be strategic about how I take my photos so no one has to see this super unattractive thing. I think I can pull it off – I mean I can just do body shots and side shots with my good side haha.

Anyway, back on topic – I really love this top and the colors in the medallion print really make the whole thing for me. I can’t wait to style it in the warm weather next year.

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