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So Cute: Mini Bags




Mini bags are becoming more popular and this is just my style. I love the look of big bags but honestly I never carry that much stuff with me so my bag ends up being so empty. The few items I put in my purse just end up swimming in a large bag and that’s just for a regular purse. When you’re dressing up for an event or fancy outing you really don’t want to carry a large purse. The key is to find a bag or clutch that is small enough to not get in the way but big enough to fit my keys, phone, lipgloss, etc.

For this mini bags style challenge on Polyvore, I decided to take the fancy approach. I think this look would be perfect if you’re doing something fancy this winter or Valentine’s Day. This velvet plunge maxi dress is so pretty and I wish I had a place to wear it to! I paired it with this Elie Saab velvet embellished mini bag. Velvet and embellishments? Perfect! Now if only it wasn’t $1,500….but a girl can dream right? I like the earrings and shoes that were styled with this dress already and lastly I picked out a citrine stone cuff bracelet to keep it pretty but simple so the dress and mini bag could be the stars.

What do you think of the mini bag trend?

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