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Who here used to listen to/still listens to The Goo Goo Dolls? Back in high school my friend Amy and I absolutely loved them and listened to them all the time. I loved their catchy songs and lyrics and listening to their music got me through a lot of high school. Well, they are coming to town for an anniversary tour next week and Amy and I are going! We first heard about their concert months ago but tickets were sold out before we got the chance to buy them but we got really lucky and Amy won tickets!


I’ve seen them in concert before (back in high school or college) so it’s been years since I’ve seen them perform. It’s also been years since I’ve actually given their music a good listen. In preparation, I’ve been listening to their music on Spotify. I don’t really know their newer music, but since it’s an anniversary tour I’m hoping that they’re mostly playing their old stuff! Since I’m going through their old music I thought I’d round up my top favorite songs by them!

Here are just some of my favorites, in no particular order, along with a line or two (or more…) from the lyrics that I love!

  1. “Slide” – “And I’ll do anythin’ you ever dreamed to be complete
    Little pieces of the nothin’ that fall
    Oh, May
    Put your arms around me
    What you feel is what you are
    And what you are is beautiful
    Oh, May
    Do you wanna get married
    Or run away?”
  2. “Black Balloon” – “A thousand other boys could never reach you
    How could I have been the one?
    I saw the world spin beneath you
    And scatter like ice from the spoon that was your womb

    Comin’ down the world turned over
    And angels fall without you there
    And I go on as you get colder
    Or are you someone’s prayer?”

  3. “Here is Gone” – “You and I got somethin
    But it’s all and then it’s nuthin to me, yeah
    And I got my defenses
    When it comes through your intentions for me, yeah

    And we wake up in the breakdown
    With the things we never thought we could be, yeah

    I’m not the one who broke you
    I’m not the one you should fear
    We got to move you darlin
    I thought I lost you somewhere
    But you were never really ever there at all”

  4. “Broadway”  – “The cowboy kills the rock star
    And Friday night’s gone too far
    The dim light hides the years
    On all the faded girls

    Forgotten but not gone
    You drink it off your mind
    You talk about the world like it’s someplace that you’ve been”

  5. “Name” –  “And scars are souvenirs you never lose
    The past is never far
    Did you lose yourself somewhere out there?
    Did you get to be a star?
    And don’t it make you sad to know that life
    Is more than who we are

    We grew up way too fast
    And now there’s nothing to believe
    And reruns all become our history
    A tired song keeps playing on a tired radio
    And I won’t tell no one your name
    And I won’t tell ’em your name “

  6. “Big Machine” – “Ecstasy is all you need
    Living in the big machine now
    Oh, you’re so vain
    Now your world is way too fast
    Nothing’s real and nothing lasts
    And I’m aware

    I’m in love but you don’t care
    Turn your anger into lust
    I’m still here, but you don’t trust at all
    And I’ll be waiting”

  7. “Two Days in February” –  “You say you got no faith in things that you can’t see
    Well, I’m sorry I ain’t there with you, but you ain’t here with me
    And I’m down in all my fears
    I ain’t cryin’ no tears over you

    Cuz everything’s wrong
    But it’s alright
    Everything’s wrong
    Well, it’s alright

    You said that this is crazy, you’re half a world away
    Well, I’m sittin’ here and thinkin’, but I didn’t know what to say
    So I said something I can’t touch, I always want way too much anyways”


You might’ve noticed that the infamous “Iris” is not on the list. That’s because it’s definitely not a top song for me! I think I got so tired of it because it was overplayed in the 90s when it was on the “City of Angels” soundtrack. Anyway, these are just 7 songs I love! There are plenty more, I’m sure, but these are the first ones that I can immediately say I love.

I’m looking forward to the show next week and will definitely write a recap!

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