Delaware River Tubing

Tubing on the Delaware River

Believe it or not, I’d never gone tubing before last week. I have a handful of friends who have gone river tubing for years, but I just never did. Of course, the year I live in a condo that has an outdoor pool, the pool is not opening this year due to COVID. The beach is about 45 minutes away and I hope to get there at least once this summer, but I’m not in a rush with the whole social distancing thing. So when my friend invited me to go tubing on the Delaware River with her and 2 of her co-workers, I said yes. Any chance to get out on some body of water in this heat!

There are companies that do official tubing, but my friend’s friend lives in one of the towns on the river and does her own tubing thing. Using 2 of her double tubes, we drove a few miles away from her place to Stockton and walked down a path to the river, inflated the tubes and got floating. We saw one other group of tubers go by as we inflated our tubes. Along the way we saw a few kayakers and then later on some small boats and people jet skiing off in the distance. We floated from Stockton back to the town my friend’s friend lives in, Lambertville. A total of a few miles on the river. She said it typically takes 2 to 2.5 hours, but the river was going pretty slowly so it took us over 3 hours, but it was relaxing!

I took these photos through a plastic waterproof phone case that my friend lent me so that’s why a few of these look a bit blurry! In general though the photos came out pretty clear for being inside a plastic case!

Delaware River TubingDelaware River Tubing 4Delaware River Tubing 5Delaware River Tubing 6Delaware River Tubing 7Delaware River Tubing 1Delaware River Tubing 2Delaware River Tubing 3Delaware River Tubing 8Delaware River Tubing 9Delaware River Tubing 10Delaware River Tubing 11Delaware River Tubing 12

Swimsuit: Aerie | Shorts: Old Navy | Mask: Old Navy (here)

Tubing was fun and so relaxing. What was really funny was when we got out of the river. At the spot we were getting out at in Lambertville, was this area where people were sitting around on benches and on the grassy bank to eat dinner. That wasn’t what was funny. What was funny was that it was in front of this fancy ballroom where a lot of weddings and things take place. So here we are getting out of the river, soaking wet, dragging inner tubes, coolers, etc. in front of a fancy establishment haha.

Anyway, it was fun, and a nice way to get out and stay away from lots of people. I would go again!

I wore a light blue swimsuit with side cutouts, strappy back, and bright blue center detailing, pink active shorts, and my Yankee cap to shade my face a bit. I also wore a paisley printed face mask while in the car and walking around. This mask is part of a 5-pack from Old Navy and very comfortable. I’ve linked to similar style bathing suits since mine is a few years old and my mask!

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