Ham & Chive Omelet

Ham & Chive Scrambled Omelet

Today, I’m sharing a really easy side dish or small meal that is an old favorite/comfort food. When my mom makes Chinese food (unless we’re eating noodles or something like that) it usually consists of white rice and an assortment of 3-5 side dishes. One thing I’ve eaten throughout my life is eggs with some sort of meat and a vegetable. It can vary. Sometimes it’s got roast pork and string bean niblets. Sometimes, like how I’m making it here, it is chives and ham. I took these photos last year when I decided to make this ham & chive (sort of) omelet to bring to work for lunch with some rice.

This is so easy. Here’s how to make it. I had left over baked ham, so I cut it into bite size pieces. I also cut chives into bite size pieces. Then, I beat 2 eggs and mixed in a little oyster sauce.

Then, I put the ham and chives into a pan with a little bit of oil and let that heat through. I then pour the beaten eggs into the pan and let it start to cook. Next, just break it up like you’re scrambling eggs. That’s it!

Ham & Chive OmeletHam & Chive Omelet 1Ham & Chive Omelet 2Ham & Chive Omelet 3Ham & Chive Omelet 4Ham & Chive Omelet 5Ham & Chive Omelet 6Ham & Chive Omelet 7Ham & Chive Omelet 8Ham & Chive Omelet 9Ham & Chive Omelet 10

If I were eating this at my parents’ house we’d have a few other dishes in addition to rice, but if I’m making it for just myself or for lunch I could just eat this with some rice and that’d be enough.

Happy cooking!

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