• Ham & Chive Omelet

    Ham & Chive Scrambled Omelet

    Today, I’m sharing a really easy side dish or small meal that is an old favorite/comfort food. When my mom makes Chinese food (unless we’re eating noodles or something like that) it usually consists of white rice and an assortment of 3-5 side dishes. One thing I’ve eaten throughout my life is eggs with some sort of meat and a vegetable. It can vary. Sometimes it’s got roast pork and string bean niblets. Sometimes, like how I’m making it here, it is chives and ham. I took these photos last year when I decided to make this ham & chive (sort of) omelet to bring to work for lunch with…

  • Chef Yang's 46 - Sesame Chicken

    Chef Yang 46

    A few weeks ago I was invited to dine at Chef Yang 46 , a gourmet Chinese restaurant in Clifton, NJ. I was sent a tasting menu to give me an idea of my choices for appetizers, entrees, etc and I enlisted a friend to go with me for dinner. We went last Sunday and when we were seated menus were placed on our table. Like regular menus. So when the waiter came for our drink order, I asked if we were supposed to order from the tasting menu I was sent and he said I could or I could order anything I want. Since the tasting menu looked like a…

  • Joong

    Sticky Rice Bundles

    Sticky rice bundles or Joong is a traditional Chinese food that I’ve been eating my whole life. It is traditionally made this time of year to celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival. It’s been a favorite of mine since I was little and I always loved eating them when my grandmothers would make them every year. They always made so many that we could freeze them to enjoy throughout the year. In recent years my mom learned how to make them as well and I helped her make them last year. I thought it timely to share now since it’s that time of year again and we’re making them again this…

  • Scallion Pancakes

    Chinese Soul Food Cookbook: Green Onion Pancakes

    I grew up eating Chinese food quite often – at least a few times a week. And even today I’m eating a lot of it. All my life I’ve eaten home-cooked Chinese food from things my parents had when they were young and in recent years things my mom has learned to make via online recipes and YouTube videos. There are some things we’ll eat out at restaurants that I’ve never had at home and one of those things is scallion pancakes. I was really excited when I received the newly released Chinese Soul Food, a cookbook by award winning food journalist and cooking instructor Hsiao-Ching Chou. The cookbook is packed with…

  • Curry Chicken + Potatoes

    Curry Chicken + Potatoes

    Curry is one of those flavors that differs depending on where in the world your dish comes from. For example, curry flavors and dishes differ among chinese, thai, and indian foods. Today, I’m sharing a curry chicken & potato recipe that my family has been making for years. This is based on my grandmother’s recipe and has no measurements which means every time we make it it varies a bit, but I can at least give you the ingredients! For this recipe, I used a fresh chicken chopped into smaller pieces. To marinate the chicken you’ll need: salt, sugar, chinese cooking wine, corn starch, and white pepper. Marinate the chicken…

  • Egg Roast Pork & String Beans

    Egg, Roast Pork, & String Beans

    Today I’m sharing something I’ve eaten pretty much my entire life so I guess you could say it’s a sort of comfort food. It’s an Asian style omelet in a way. It’s also incredibly easy to make. Follow along to see how it’s made! First, cut up your string beans and roast pork (this can be found at any asian food stores) into bite size pieces. In a bowl beat 4-5 eggs. Add a little salt. In a wok, put some oil and stir around the string beans and roast pork. After I heat those up, I pour in the beaten eggs. I put a few dashes of oyster sauce…

  • Food,  Travel

    Casa Imperial

    My cousin’s wedding was this past Sunday in Toronto, so since a good number of my family (extended and immediate) were all in the same place we went out for a big family dinner the following night. My family is Chinese so when it comes to “formal” family dinners, more often than not it will be Chinese cuisine. For dinner on Monday we went to Casa Imperial for some Chinese fine-dining. From the outside it does not look like a Chinese restaurant at all, let alone a restaurant. The restaurant is housed in a historic Victorian-Style house and the interior is a wonderful mix of european and asian decor. For years the building…