Sticky Rice Bundles

Sticky rice bundles or Joong is a traditional Chinese food that I’ve been eating my whole life. It is traditionally made this time of year to celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival. It’s been a favorite of mine since I was little and I always loved eating them when my grandmothers would make them every year. They always made so many that we could freeze them to enjoy throughout the year. In recent years my mom learned how to make them as well and I helped her make them last year. I thought it timely to share now since it’s that time of year again and we’re making them again this weekend!

Ingredients can vary, but they usually all have sweet rice and green beans (de-shelled they look yellow). We use sweet rice, green beans, pork belly, Chinese sausage, and salted egg yolk, all wrapped in bamboo leaves.

The bamboo leaves need to soak for about 5 days prior to making these bundles so they are pliable. They soak for a few days, then they are boiled, and soak for another day.

Bamboo LeavesSweet RiceSalted Egg YolkPork BellyChinese SausageGreen Beans

Joong - Ingredients

Using two of the bamboo leaves to create a cone, fill the cone with a layer (tablespoon) of the rice and then the beans, then pork belly, Chinese sausage, and one egg yolk. Cover it with more rice and green beans. Using another bamboo leave, wrap the bundle up and use string to tie it all together.Β Boil for 3-4 hours and then it’s ready to eat!

JoongJoong 2Joong 3Joong 1

Joong 7Joong 8Joong 4Joong 5Joong 6

Joong or sticky rice bundles are a comfort food for me for sure! I can’t wait to eat some fresh ones this weekend.

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