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BBG: 4 Month Check-In

It’s hard to believe I’ve been doing BBG for 4 months already! So in an effort to always keep it real with you on here – this month I’ve been slacking on the effort I’m putting in to my workouts. It’s been a really busy and stressful month for me. Two months actually, but it hasn’t let up so my BBG dedication has taken a backseat. I’ve been busy with getting my new townhouse ready (my first post on the townhouse – pre & post painting will be on the blog in a couple weeks), multiple weddings, the winding down of the school year, etc.

It’s not that I’ve been skipping days – I’ve actually managed to keep up with all the days despite being busy. I just haven’t given the workouts my all. Part of this is also that after doing this for 4 months, I’ve decided to kind of cater the workouts to me instead of forcing myself to do all the exercises if they weren’t right for my body. For example, for the first few months – I did or tried to do all the exercises they told me to do. If it hurt I fought through it. And I’m not talking about hurting like “I’m out of shape, this hurts” kind of pain. I’m talking about knee pain mostly. If they told me to do 20 jump lunges, I would do them even though my knees or ankles would ache the next day. Over time I’ve noticed my knees to feel more stiff which isn’t a good feeling. So I’ve decided this app is meant to be a guide for you – it’s not an all or nothing thing. I’ve replaced jump lunges with good ol’ fashioned lunges. I’ve replaced lay-down pushups with regular pushups because I hate lay-down pushups. And so on and so forth. I think the important thing is I’m still being active, I’m still exercising – I’m just catering it to what works for me.

I’ve also been kind of mixing and matching workouts. Since the weather is warmer I want to take advantage of the opportunity to walk outside. I’ve done days where I do just one lap of the two circuits and then walked a few miles. I’ve incorporated HIIT into my workouts and do that once a week. It’s tiring, but I like that it’s quick so I am able to do it on days where I’m so busy I really don’t have time to devote 30-40 minutes to a whole workout.

I finished the 12 weeks of BBG1, but I’ve decided to start it over instead of moving on to BBG2. I don’t think I’m ready to move on to more difficult exercises just yet.

BBG - Check-In 1


BBG Check-In

I haven’t noticed a significant change in my weight or waist size, which is frustrating. I know I’m not working out super hard right now, but I am consistently working out so you’d think you’d see a more noticeable difference. But, I have been stressed and not sleeping enough – like at all – so I’m thinking that could also be contributing to me not losing weight or inches. Weight wise I have remained the same weight since a month or two ago so at least I haven’t gained weight, right?

So that’s my month 4 check-in. Nothing super exciting to report but I’m hoping that with the end of the school year next week and things getting more settled with the new townhouse I can put more energy in to exercising.

What are some things you do to lose weight or get more trim?

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