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Resistance Bands

Happy Friday! T-3 days until summer break for me. I need to finish grading and creating summer work this weekend and then I’ll feel like it’s really the end of the school year.

In previous posts I’ve written about Peloton, I’ve mentioned that I sometimes do the non-bike workouts like core workouts and yoga. There is a series of resistance band workouts with the instructor, Hannah Corbin. I really wanted to try them out so when I placed a Target order I bought a band. There are light, medium, and heavy resistance bands and since I’m really not very strong I went with light.

I’ve done a few resistance band workouts so far and I really like them! So far they haven’t been very difficult, but they’re not super easy either where I feel like I’m not getting anything out of it. It’s challenging enough that I feel like I’m actually working out, but not so hard that I’m turned off by it.

Resistance Band: Target (here) | Yoga Mat: Target | Tank Top: Old Navy (here) | Leggings: Old Navy (here) | Yoga Mat: (here)

Eventually I’ll need to get heavier bands but for now, light works for me.

Do you do any resistance band workouts?

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