Egg Roast Pork & String Beans


Egg, Roast Pork, & String Beans

Today I’m sharing something I’ve eaten pretty much my entire life so I guess you could say it’s a sort of comfort food. It’s an Asian style omelet in a way. It’s also incredibly easy to make. Follow along to see how it’s made!

String Beans & Roast Pork
Beaten Egg

First, cut up your string beans and roast pork (this can be found at any asian food stores) into bite size pieces. In a bowl beat 4-5 eggs. Add a little salt.

String Bean & Roast Pork 1

In a wok, put some oil and stir around the string beans and roast pork. After I heat those up, I pour in the beaten eggs. I put a few dashes of oyster sauce for some more flavor. Once the eggs mixture starts to set I begin to scramble it.

Egg Roast Pork & String Beans
Eggs Roast Pork String Beans & Oyster Sauce
Egg Roast Pork & String Beans 1

Once the eggs start to brown a little bit I take it off the fire and transfer to a plate. Easy peasy! Serve with rice or whatever you like.

Egg Roast Pork & String Beans 2

This is a super easy and tasty dish!

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