Easy Ways to Supercharge Your Diet!

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We all know we need to be eating more of the good stuff, but it’s sometimes easier said than done. When we’re busy we might find ourselves grabbing convenience food or takeaways, and there could be times where our diet is lacking in important vitamins and minerals. Thankfully, there are some easy ways to supercharge your diet, so if you’ve been missing out on healthy ingredients lately here are a few things you can try. 


Choose all natural ingredients
Any fruits and vegetables you can get into your diet will be beneficial, but choosing all local and organic where possible is your best bet as these will contain the most nutrients (compared with things that have been flown half way across the world). Go to local farmers markets, and aim to eat things in season as this is where they’re naturally at their peak. Learn what times of year different ingredients come into their own. 


Sneak in lots of extra veg
Sometimes the best meals are those that feel super indulgent while actually being really light and good for you. And there are lots of ways to achieve this. Swap out ingredients like cream in curries for low fat yoghurt, remove the excess salt and flavour with herbs and spices instead, and bulk out with extra veggies. If you use a food processor to finely chop vegetables, these can be mixed in with ground meat and you can hardly tell the difference. Things like lentils and beans can also be added to these types of dishes. Simple swaps and sneaking in extra veg can give you super nutritious versions of your favourite meals.


Add some healthy oils for a boost
Oils don’t have to be fattening and artery clogging, many types of oils are full of ‘good fat’ and can promote health. Some examples of this are coconut, avocado and olive oil. Do use moderation as oil still contains calories (and quite a lot of them) but dont be afraid to add them to salads and things within your recommended calorie allowance as they can up your nutrient intake. Another type of oil you might have never thought to add to food is actually CBD oil, this all natural, safe and legal oil can promote good health and relaxation- and you can add it to different foods as a method of consumption. CBD Flower USA has more information if you want to check out the ins and outs. 


Top with nuts and seeds
Nuts and seeds are absolutely packed full of vitamins, nutrients, protein and healthy fats, they’re a fantastic thing to include in your diet. Eating them alone can be a little plain and boring, but use them to top salads, cereal or yoghurt, make your own trail mixes or bake oat and cereal bars which are packed with them. Buy seeded bread which is a tasty way to get some extra nutrients into you. 

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