Pasta with Arugula & Mushrooms

Pasta is one of my favorite weeknight meals to make because the recipes usually aren’t too complicated and most of the time they make for good leftovers for work. Today I’m sharing one of those really easy pasta dishes. It is a pasta with arugula, mushrooms, and tomatoes.

For this recipe you’ll need:

  • olive oil
  • onion
  • garlic
  • crimini mushrooms
  • tomatoes (the original recipe linked above uses cherry tomatoes but I usually use grape tomatoes)
  • chardonnay
  • arugula
  • mezzi rigatoni (half rigatoni) – the recipe says rotini but the photos in the recipe are half rigatoni so that’s what I buy when I make this)

I also add in salt & pepper for some more flavor.

While your water is boiling to cook your pasta, dice the onion, clean and cut the mushrooms, and mince the garlic.

Add the onion to a heavy pan and cook until it softens and gets slightly brown. Then add in the mushrooms and garlic until those start to brown. Next add in the tomatoes. Stir so that the tomatoes don’t stick to the pan or burn but allow them to burst. Add the wine to the vegetables and let it reduce and the sauce to thicken. Add in the cooked pasta and the arugula. Stir until the arugula begins to wilt and the pasta has been coated with the sauce. I add in the salt and pepper to taste now.

That’s it!

So easy and great for a light weeknight meal!

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