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Something Sweet: Completed

Back in March I wrote about my newest Wattpad YA fiction story – Something Sweet. When I wrote that post the book was a little less than halfway done. Now it’s complete! I just posted the last chapter and epilogue on Friday.


The above quote is towards the end of the book and I put “he” in brackets so you won’t know who I’m talking about!

Synopsis: Something Sweet follows high school senior, Maisey. She wants to be a famous chef one day and works part time right now for her mom’s catering business. With her cooking skills, she is recruited to help out her childhood best friend, Luke, when his mom has an accident and can’t cook for a few months. Luke and Maisey grew apart years ago after his mom remarried to a extremely wealthy man and he moved to another side of town. They never became close again and it doesn’t help that Luke’s girlfriend is Maisey’s mortal enemy. How will spending so much time together cooking go?

This book was fun to write and I loved the characters. It’s got lots of food, laughs, drama, and heart to it. It’s just a fun YA story.

You can read it by clicking here or by finding me on Wattpad. My username is jamiemwong and the site/app is free!

Now, I’m taking a little break while I gather my thoughts for my next projects. There’s one idea I’ve had for a while that I may start developing into a Wattpad story this summer and another idea I’ve had based on a short story I did last year for a contest that I think I’m going to really work on to try to query. Fingers crossed for some successful writing projects to get done over the next few months!

And if you read Something Sweet, let me know what you think!

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