The QB Bad Boy and Me

Book Review: The QB Bad Boy & Me

New book review coming your way! And I’m excited to share this one because it has inspired me. Keep reading to find out what I’m talking about!

The QB Bad Boy & Me by Tay Marley is a mix of teen love story and romance novel. By that I mean the main couple in the story are high school seniors, but the content is very romance novel-esque. Main character, Dallas, is a high school senior and cheerleader. But she’s not your typical, popular cheerleader. She’s just on the squad as a way to dance, because what she really wants to be is a dancer and with no dance team at her school the cheerleading squad is the closest she’ll get. Her best friend, Gabby, is pretty much her only friend so it comes as a surprise to her when she suddenly catches the attention of quarterback stud, Drayton.

The QB Bad Boy and Me

The novel follows the characters through the evolution of their relationship – from fighting their feelings for each other to school and family drama and not wanting to ever be without the other. Dallas’ dream is to become a dancer and go to CalArts in California for college to study dance. Drayton loves football and if he’s going to follow in his father and grandfather’s steps, he’ll attend Baylor in Texas and get drafted into the NFL. Will their differing social statuses, dreams, and family pressure keep them from staying together?

I found the novel to be a really fun, guilty pleasure to read. I was so hooked on the story. I was reading whenever I had a break at work. I was reading before bed. I finally had to stop reading before bed because I would end up staying up way too late since I couldn’t stop reading!

So what is especially cool about this novel is that it started out as a Wattpad story, which I find so inspiring. This novel has inspired me because I always have story ideas in my head, but I never actually commit to writing it all out therefore never actually writing a book. I had heard of Wattpad years ago from students who read books on there, but never really looked in to it myself. After some research on Wattpad, I found out that people post a chapter at a time of their stories which is perfect for me. It takes away the pressure of having to have a whole book completed before sharing it. And who knows, maybe one day one of my stories will get extremely popular too and get published!

I’ll keep you guys posted on when I started posting my first book on Wattpad! I’ve already started writing, but I’m still tweaking before I make the plunge and post the first chapter. I’m also in need of a book title….

So thanks Tay Marley for writing such an addictive story and for inspiring me to write!

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