Thin Mint Ice Cream Shake

Thin Mint Ice Cream Shake

Have you all gotten your Girl Scout cookies? Thin Mints are my all-time favorite Girl Scout cookies so when I got my hands on a few boxes I wanted to try out something new other than just eating them like regular cookies. After Googling some ideas, I decided to make a Thin Mint Ice Cream Shake. Don’t worry, I only used a handful of the cookies for this shake so I still have plenty of cookies to eat!

So the shake is really easy to make and the amount of each ingredient depends on your preference as well as how much of the shake you want to make. I used thin mint cookies, milk, ice cream, and whipped cream. That’s it! I put the milk, vanilla ice cream, and broken up cookies into a blender and blended it until it resembled a shake and all the ingredients were one.

Thin Mint
Thin Mint Ice Cream Shake
Thin Mint Ice Cream Shake 1
Thin Mint Ice Cream Shake 2
Thin Mint Ice Cream Shake 4
Thin Mint Ice Cream Shake 3

Top it off with homemade or canned whipped cream and you’ve got a minty, chocolatey, ice cream shake – thin mint style!

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