Rock Gem Necklace
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Rock Gem Necklace

Back at Christmas, I went by my friend’s family’s house to drop off holiday treats for his parents. They had gobbled up what I had given them the week earlier and since I had made more cookies and things I went to bring them some more. As a thank you, my friend and his sister, who I’m also friends with, gave me a little gift bag which had fuzzy socks (a winter essential) and a long necklace with rock gems. The necklace is a fun piece to add to any casual look.

Rock Gem Necklace
Rock Gem Necklace 1
Rock Gem Necklace 2
Rock Gem Necklace 3
Necklace: Gifted | Sweater: LOFT | Watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs via Macy’s

This rock gem necklace added a fun and modern look to my light pink/peach sweater. Such an easy way to change up your look for work! I like that while almost all the gems are round there is one that is tear drop shaped. I like that it’s not all uniform and makes the necklace more unique. My selfie is a bit blurry, but I actually liked that photo better than the one that came out clearer so it’s what I went with.

Funny story about this necklace, when I opened the gift bag and pulled this necklace out my friend’s sister said “Will you blog about it?” and my friend replied “Why would she blog about it?” I, of course, ignored him and told her I definitely would. So there you go!

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