Unicorn Elbow Patches
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Unicorn Love

Unicorn inspired things are everywhere these days from makeup brushes to Starbucks drinks. I’ve always loved how colorful, pretty, and magical unicorns are. At the risk of allowing the world to see my inner child, I’m sharing a fun cardigan today that I picked up from ASOS. When I saw that this navy blue cardigan had unicorn elbow patches I had to have it! I mean, come on, elbow patches that are unicorns!?

Unicorn Elbow Patches
Mint + Navy 1
Mint + Navy 2
Mint + Navy
Unicorn Elbow Patches 1
Unicorn Elbow Patches 2
Unicorn Elbow Patches 3

Cardigan: ASOS | Tank Top: The Limited | Pants: Uniqlo | Shoes: Keds via DSW

If you’ve been following me for a while then you already know my love for the color combination of navy and mint so of course I wore a mint green tank top under this navy blue cardigan. I thought the mint would go well with the unicorn patches too.

The unicorn elbow patches are so cute and I love how fun and whimsical they are!

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