Flower Beauty & Milani Blush

Flower Designed Blushes

I was recently ordering from Walmart and needed to find another item in order to get free shipping so I browsed through Drew Barrymore’s line, Flower Beauty. I’ve gotten a few eyeshadow quads, cheek products, and lip products from the line before and have really enjoyed it. I saw that there was a blush that had a rose or flower design – the Flower Pots Powder Blush line –  and it reminded me of Milani’s Rose Powder Blushes that came out a few years ago, which I’ve had for a while now. I decided to do a side-by-side comparison since they look so similar!

Flower Beauty & Milani Blush
Flower Beauty & Milani Blush 1
Flower Beauty & Milani Blush 2

The Flower Beauty blush (left) is in the shade “Wild Flower” and the Milani blush (right) is in the shade “Love Potion”. As you can see the Milani blush is visibly larger than the Flower Beauty one. Both blush shades and designs are beautiful. The flower design in the Flower Beauty one is more set in to the product meaning the design of the petals are more etched in than raised. Whereas the Milani blush is much more on the 3D side. Both are still beautiful designs nonetheless.

The pigmentation on both are not super opaque which is fine with me. I like blushes that require a little more building than ones that you have to be super careful with. They’re both a little chalky, but neither present an issue really.

Overall, I really enjoy both blushes and I think the flower design is so sweet!

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