• Initial Pendant

    Initial Pendant

    Remember back in the day when everyone wore nameplate necklaces? They were really big in middle and high school for me. Some people had simple gold ones, other people had ones that were bedazzled. I think mine had a diamond above the “i” in my name. Then, in recent years people started wearing dainty initial necklaces and last year big statement letters. In recent months, I’ve noticed a trend of wearing rectangle pendants with an initial on the pendant. I really like this style so when I had the opportunity to pick out a piece from a company, I immediately added the initial rectangular pendant to my cart. Now, this…

  • Full Line Collection - bracelets

    Full Line Collection Haul

    Before the holidays, Full Line Collection was kind enough to let me pick out a few pieces for them to send me. I picked out a few fun pieces so I thought I’d share them with you in a haul. I haven’t worn them all yet since I just got them recently, but I did wear one of the bracelets a few days ago and loved it! First, the bracelets. I got the Jupiter Tortoise Cuff, Square Cut Bridal Crystal Stretch Bracelet in emerald green, Marcasite Looking High Heels and Purses Charm Toggle Bracelet, and the Oval Pave CZ Adjustable Bracelet. All the bracelets are so pretty and fun. The charm…

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    Rocksbox Box #2

    For my second unboxing of the day, I’m sharing what I got in my second Rocksbox. If you missed my first Rocksbox I wrote about how I’ve been given the awesome opportunity to try the subscription service out. I also wrote about my discount code for all of you! If you’re interested in trying Rocksbox out you can use my code lifeaccordingtojamiexoxo for one free month! Here’s what I got this time around… Kendra Scott – Elisa Necklace in Rose Gold Drusy – Receiving this necklace was perfect because I had actually been looking at this necklace on the Kendra Scott website a few weeks ago. I debated buying it. Seeing it…

  • Rocksbox

    My First Rocksbox

    I have an exciting post to share with you all today! I’ve heard about Rocksbox for a long time now and always meant to check it out, but never did. Well, Rocksbox was kind enough to finally give me the opportunity to check out the boxes for myself. If you don’t know what Rocksbox is, it is a subscription service that provides you with 3 pieces of premium fashion jewelry per box. These items aren’t for you to keep, although you do have the option to purchase, but rather to rent. How does Rocksbox pick out what to send you? When you sign up, you fill out a style survey so they…

  • Baublebar - Parallel Bars Ring
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    Parallel Bars Ring

    Rings are always fun to wear and have fun with, but when I’m at work I like to wear minimal jewelry for practical reasons. I wear a watch every day to work and occasionally earrings and/or a necklace depending on my mood and outfit. Rings are not often worn by me to work, but when I do wear a ring to work I like it to be simple and nothing that will get in the way. I love the look of the dainty midi rings that I see so many girls wearing, but I don’t think they’d look good on me because my fingers aren’t that long. I feel like…

  • Rock Gem Necklace
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    Rock Gem Necklace

    Back at Christmas, I went by my friend’s family’s house to drop off holiday treats for his parents. They had gobbled up what I had given them the week earlier and since I had made more cookies and things I went to bring them some more. As a thank you, my friend and his sister, who I’m also friends with, gave me a little gift bag which had fuzzy socks (a winter essential) and a long necklace with rock gems. The necklace is a fun piece to add to any casual look. Necklace: Gifted | Sweater: LOFT | Watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs via Macy’s This rock gem necklace added a fun…

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    Knotted Multi-Strand Necklace

    Normally I keep my look for work, in terms of jewelry, very simple. I wear a watch to work every day and on those rare occasions that I forget to wear one I feel lost. Sometimes earrings and a necklace once in a while as well. I prefer wearing long necklaces to work because they can dress up a simple outfit. Now since I prefer wearing long necklaces to work and long necklaces work best when you’re wearing a solid color top or else I find the look is too busy or the necklace can be hard to see when a print is in the background of the necklace. I’ve been a…

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    Baublebar Unboxing

    Today I bring to you a Baublebar unboxing from a recent purchase I made from the company. This is the 2nd purchase I’ve made from Baublebar and I must say the packaging is so detailed, I love it. For those of you unfamiliar with Baublebar, they sell fashion jewelry. I think a consumer’s experience with a company (through online shopping) is greatly effected by the level of care and detail the company puts into the shipping and packaging. As long as my items arrive to me in one piece I’m usually happy and most companies do a good job of this with some companies throwing in a little something extra. For…