Baublebar Unboxing

Today I bring to you a Baublebar unboxing from a recent purchase I made from the company. This is the 2nd purchase I’ve made from Baublebar and I must say the packaging is so detailed, I love it. For those of you unfamiliar with Baublebar, they sell fashion jewelry. I think a consumer’s experience with a company (through online shopping) is greatly effected by the level of care and detail the company puts into the shipping and packaging. As long as my items arrive to me in one piece I’m usually happy and most companies do a good job of this with some companies throwing in a little something extra. For example,DSW always adds in a card thanking you for your purchase and encouraging you to reach out to them. However, then there’s always those occasions where you a get a package that looks like it’s been mauled by a bear and this may have nothing at all to do with the company but instead some mishap during shipping, but sometimes the inside looks like things were haphazardly put together.

Anyway, this is not the case with Baublebar. Their packaging is amazing! Let’s take a look.

IMG_5977 IMG_5978
When you first open the box, there is an envelope with a card inside thanking you for your purchase.

IMG_5979  IMG_5980
They also include a little card with do’s and don’ts in terms of caring for your piece of jewelry. Your piece comes in a little bag under all the tissue paper.

IMG_5981 IMG_5986
I bought the Capri Curb Chain Bracelet. I can’t find it on the website as I’m typing this so I don’t think it’s being sold anymore, but they have many more bracelets,even similar ones, to choose from! The pieces are all reasonably priced for fashion jewelry and what’s cool is that with each purchase you earn points or Vault Points that can be used in the future. I used vault points that I earned from my first purchase and saved $9 on this bracelet bringing my total to $21.

Do any of you shop at Baublebar? What are your opinions on packaging?

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