“Guardians of the Galaxy” – Worth the Hype?

I saw “Guardians of the Galaxy” today and I can answer the above question with a wholehearted yes. I, like many of you I’m sure, have seen all the buzz all over social media about the movie. Friends and acquaintances all over Twitter and Facebook, even Instagram, were talking about how awesome the movie is. I was planning to see the movie anyway, but all the good feedback I was seeing made me more excited to see it. It was very entertaining, fun to watch, and funny! Easiest the funniest of all the Marvel movies. Chris Pratt really held his ownΒ as the leading man and made me see him in a different light since I’m used to seeing him in comedies and usually playing a co-starring or minor role. Remember him as Disgusting Donald in “What’s Your Number?” and the kind of a jerk boyfriend in “Bride Wars”? Zoe Saldana was great too. I think she’s such a versatile actress. I remember when I first saw her in a movie back in the day. Any “Center Stage” fans here? Bradley Cooper as the voice of the raccoon was hilarious too. All in all it was money well spent and I really enjoyed the movie! Below is the trailer if you’re deciding if you want to see it or if you have already seen it and just want to see clips of the movie again!

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