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Parallel Bars Ring

Rings are always fun to wear and have fun with, but when I’m at work I like to wear minimal jewelry for practical reasons. I wear a watch every day to work and occasionally earrings and/or a necklace depending on my mood and outfit. Rings are not often worn by me to work, but when I do wear a ring to work I like it to be simple and nothing that will get in the way.

I love the look of the dainty midi rings that I see so many girls wearing, but I don’t think they’d look good on me because my fingers aren’t that long. I feel like they look best on girls with long, skinny fingers, but that’s just my opinion. So what ring trend could I get on board with? I’ve been seeing the parallel bar ring trend for a long time now and I’ve always loved the look but didn’t see one I really wanted for myself. That is until I saw this one from BaubleBar. It’s a yellow gold band featuring dark blue stones with some sparkle to it and rhinestones flanking each parallel bar.

Baublebar - Parallel Bars Ring
Baublebar Parallel Bar Ring 1
Striped Top 1
Striped Top
Baublebar Parallel Bars Ring 2
Baublebar Parallel Bar Ring 3
Top: LOFT | Watch: Marc Jacobs via Macy’s | Ring: BaubleBar

In the pictures, the stone comes off very dark, almost black. It is a dark blue, as I said above, but in person it really does look blue and not black. I love this ring so much! It’s so simple yet so eye-catching and pretty. As it sits flat, it doesn’t get caught on anything or get in the way. And while it is super pretty, it isn’t too flashy or distracting.

Unfortunately, I don’t see the ring on the BaubleBar website anymore, but they do have some other parallel bar rings available like this one (here) that are much simpler in style.

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