Knotted Multi-Strand Necklace

Normally I keep my look for work, in terms of jewelry, very simple. I wear a watch to work every day and on those rare occasions that I forget to wear one I feel lost. Sometimes earrings and a necklace once in a while as well. I prefer wearing long necklaces to work because they can dress up a simple outfit. Now since I prefer wearing long necklaces to work and long necklaces work best when you’re wearing a solid color top or else I find the look is too busy or the necklace can be hard to see when a print is in the background of the necklace.

I’ve been a big fan of multi-strand necklaces for a while now and I especially love when they’re mixed metals! I got this necklace earlier in the year and I love it for so many reasons.







Multi-strands? Check. Mixed metals? Check. Knotted detail? Check. It’s a beautiful and fun necklace! I love the knots because it makes it a little different than your average multi-strand necklace. The gold, rhinestones, and black crystal cut metal go beautifully together, not to mention the sparkle is an added bonus.

I’m not 100% sure where I bought this necklace. I can’t remember and the thing with jewelry is there’s no label to remind me! But I’m 98% sure that it’s from Loft.



Like I said, I like pairing long necklaces with solid tops so I wore this yesterday with a bright pink top also from Loft.

What do you guys think about multi-strand and/or mixed metal necklaces?

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