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Throwback Thursday: Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day is this Sunday, December 7th. I thought I’d do a throwback Thursday post this week and share a few pictures from when I went to the Pearl Harbor Memorial this past August.

This photo is from the boat ride from the shore to the USS Arizona Memorial.

They let only a certain amount of people onto the Memorial at a time and you have a certain amount of time before you have to get back onto the boat. It’s basically 1 group (boat full) at a time.




It’s a pretty surreal experience to be there and see everything. This memorial is built where the USS Arizona sank. I jotted down some notes of facts I heard/read that day (about this particular memorial) for a post that I never got around to. Luckily, I never deleted it off my phone so I can share them now. The facts are all crazy and sad, but important to remember.

  • 1,177 were killed on the Arizona
  • 900 are still entombed
  • Oil is still leaking
  • It took 2 days to put the fire out

It’s unbelievable how many lost their lives on the USS Arizona on that fateful day, but even more unbelievable how many still lay entombed in the ship. I also couldn’t believe that today, over 70 years later, oil is still leaking into the water! I took a few pictures of that, but they didn’t come out good. It’s hard to see the oil slicks in the water.

Another interesting thing is that you can clearly see coral growing beneath the memorial. There’s actually a part inside the memorial where the floor is open and you can see the water below. Coral normally grows in very clean water, as far as I understand, so it’s surprising for it to grow here amongst this wreckage and oil still leaking. It might seem crazy, but I like to think that it’s some sort of sign that all those men whose graves lay beneath the memorial are at peace.

So this #tbt is a somber one, but I thought it was fitting considering the date is coming up. On a lighter note – can you believe it’s already Thursday!?

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