Candy Heart Pajamas
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Candy Heart Pajamas

I know Valentine’s Day has come and gone, but I’m just getting around to posting these candy heart pajamas today and so we’re just going to go by the old cliché that love should be celebrated every day. I saw these super cute pajamas on Instagram and while I’ve never been one to be in to monograms, these pajamas come with your monogram on one of the candy hearts and on the accompanying shorts. It’s a cute detail and while I’m still not crazy about monogrammed items I do love this set! The sweatshirt is nice and warm, but not too warm so you won’t be sweating while you sleep. The shorts are soft and I wore them for the purpose of these photos but it’s way too cold for me to wear shorts to bed right now! I’ve been wearing this sweatshirt with grey sweatpants as my pajamas this week.

Also seen in these photos is my new heart mug from Williams-Sonoma. It’s a No Kids Hungry mug so a portion of the proceeds from the sale went to the charity. I love that this mug is so cute with the gold trim heart (the design is raised too) and it’s for a good cause!

Candy Heart PajamasCandy Heart Pajamas 2Candy Heart Pajamas 3No Kid Hungry - Heart MugCandy Heart Pajamas 4Candy Heart Pajamas 5Candy Heart Pajamas 6Candy Heart Pajamas 7Candy Heart Pajamas 9Candy Heart Pajamas 8

Pajamas: United Monograms (here) | Mug: Williams-Sonoma (here)

The pajamas are still available and I’ve linked them above. You can buy them now for next Valentine’s Day or be like me and wear them whenever you want – who cares if they are candy hearts and Valentine’s Day is over! The mug is also still available and I’ve linked it. I originally went to the store looking for their red heart mug but my Williams-Sonoma location was sold out of those mugs and only had the espresso cups and plates in that pattern. There is also a one like mine with a single line heart instead of the double outline and that one is for St. Jude. I liked the double outline heart more so that’s the one I chose to get!

The candy hearts on the sweatshirt are adorable and I’m so glad I came across this set!

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