Home Projects That Will Protect The Planet And Your Bank Account

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If you want to take more of an eco-friendly approach to running your household then you’ll be benefitting more than just the environment. These are the home projects that will protect the planet and your bank account.


Make changes to your energy usage.
Your first project should be to reduce your monthly electricity bill. There might be several smaller projects to tackle in order to achieve this objective, but the point is that making changes to your energy usage could protect the planet and your bank account. You’d have a less costly electricity bill every month and you’d be generating less electricity. In turn, less coal, gas, or oil will need to be generated at power plants. Every household makes a difference. You could insulate your home more effectively to keep it just as warm without needing to generate as much energy. Thicker windows could help to achieve this, as could insulation in the walls. You might also want to think about getting a roof in the winter. If you upgrade to metal as opposed to asphalt then you’ll have more durable roofing that insulates your house more efficiently. You could also consider solar panels as a means of powering your home. Not only is it a renewable and clean form of energy that protects the planet but it also protects your bank account; no more costly electricity bills every month. You’ll be self-sufficient.


Reduce, reuse, and recycle.
Maybe you’ve seen or heard that triple-R formula for eco-friendly success before. However, rather than focusing on the individual components of that advice, focus on the order. Most people like to talk about recycling, but how many of us actively reduce our consumption and reuse things? The reason recycling is so popular is because it gives us an excuse to keep consuming things under the guise that it’ll be turned into something new at the end of its lifestyle. Yet, so much of the plastic we consume doesn’t actually end up getting recycled; it ends up in a landfill or polluting the ocean. Reusing is a much better way to approach consumption because you’re getting more use out of the things you consume.

The goal here is to start putting an end to the disposable mindset we’ve all developed in our consumer-driven society. Getting more life out of the things we buy is a smart way to achieve this. Still, the very best way to save money and do more for the planet is to reduce the amount you consume. It lowers the demand for certain goods, meaning fewer things will be produced and less waste will be created as an end result. That’s why you really need to focus on the order here. Reduce first, then reuse, and recycle as a last resort. But remember that not all plastic or cardboard you put in the recycling bin will actually be recycled.


Start a fruit and vegetable garden.
This is a fantastic home project for anyone who wants to become more self-sufficient and save some money. Starting a fruit and vegetable garden will give you the opportunity to grow your own food, and that’ll mean you don’t have to spend quite as much money at the grocery store every week. But it’ll also make a positive difference to the environment because you won’t be contributing to the pollution of the much larger food industry. Plus, you’ll be reducing waste because you won’t have to buy fruit and veg that’s packaged in plastic.

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