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The Best Ways to Freshen Up Your Home For Summer On A Budget

Summer’s here and the sun is shining so it’s time to make sure your home reflects the new mood. There are lots of ways to create the right ‘feel’ quickly.with just a few tweaks and a bit of creativity.

Create the right ‘feel’ without breaking the bank

Your first priority is to get everything fresh, bright and clean by making the space right and, yes, losing the clutter!

Rearrange your furniture

It’s amazing what a quick change around of your furniture can achieve – and there’s a lot to be said for a little Feng Shui.  Try to think about how the light works in your rooms in different seasons and find ways to maximise it, wherever you can. Now is not the time to think ‘cosy’ after all – create clear paths through your rooms to allow views of the outside.  Perhaps in winter you moved your sofas in around the fireplace – now push them back for a sense of movement and space..

Open the windows to get some fresh air  – and give them a clean inside and out so they let in every ray of sunshine.

new home 2 (1)

Do the same with the rest of your house – vacuum everywhere, clean skirting boards and the tops of cupboards where dust gathers. And get rid of any bits and pieces that are lying around that are only really relevant to the colder months.  Buy some vacuum bags and put them away – or think creatively about a few storage solutions to clear them out of sight.

Invest in one ‘key piece’

Is your rug looking a bit tired or heavy and does it drain the light from your room now the weather’s warmer?  If you invest in something bold and colorful, it can transform your space with the minimum of effort. Because it’s just one key piece, it shouldn’t break the bank – and you’ll definitely get a lot of brightness for your buck!

Or invest in a beautiful pastel colored throw for your sofa or bed – it will instantly bring a light summer feel to your rooms. Buy or make some new covers for cushions – and think about patterns that echo the summer mood.

Paint your walls

If you give your walls a quick repaint it can really lift and change the feeling of your space for the season.  But if you really don’t have time to do this, creating a feature wall can be equally transformative. Choose a lovely sunny colour like yellow or orange or something fresh and crisp like pale blue or green. Or you could hang some beautiful wallpaper on one wall – maybe even a hanging – it will freshen the room and give it some focus..  

unnamed (2)

Dye your curtains

Have you got an old pair of curtains in a neutral shade or ones you stopped using because they got faded? Why not dye them a lovely fresh color to give your whole room an instant lift and glow?  It’s easy, quick and effective and dyes are readily available in any DIY store or supermarket nowadays. And you just pop the mix straight into your washing machine, along with the curtains; it’s so easy to do – why not give it a go?

Or you could just take your curtains down completely and get a few voile panels to flutter at the side of your windows? You can buy them in all sorts of shades these days, to match your mood, create some color or just soften the light.


Make a summer wreath

We all love a Christmas wreath, don’t we, but have you thought about making your own for the summer?  You can add anything from flowers to artificial fruit, or go for a beachy feel by adding some shells as below. TEC glue guns are a great tool to use to ensure they attach securely – and stay put all through the season. And you can hang it inside or outside to give your home or garden a great seaside vibe.

pixabay summer wreath shells 2

Create your own lanterns and tea light holders

If you’ve got any old bottles or jars at home you can make them into something really beautiful very easily. Try drawing designs on them with that glue gun, let this set and you have your very own artistic tea light holders.

Buy a few big (or small) plants

Why not bring the outdoors inside by adding a few large plants to your main living room? Just a couple can transform your space and have an instant calming, zen like effect. They make a great impact in any room and, even better, they’re good for you and the environment.

Place them strategically for maximum effect or go the opposite way completely and group small plants together in cute, pretty pots.


Paint your old plant pots

If you’ve got any old plant pots, these can look amazing with just a little paint and a bit of creativity. You could try using bright abstract patterns to really bring the idea of summer and sunshine inside.

Don’t neglect the outdoors

If you’re lucky enough to have outdoor space – don’t neglect it when you’re planning your new summer makeover.  Pull out any tired old plants and freshen up pots with new color and life. If you’re on a tight budget, fast growing seeds like sunflowers are ideal to create the right feel. Or why not try wildflowers – they’re great for the environment, bring quick results and the bees just love them!

unnamed (3)

Get creative with your containers; lots of items you might never have thought of can make really interesting alternatives to conventional pots. Plant up a colorful old teapot, colander, decorative tin or basket – the quirkier the better. Make it bright and bold and you’ll be getting the right vibe – it’s all about creating something fun for the summer!

We hope this has given you a few good ideas for freshening up your home this summer – even on a budget. With a little bit of knowhow and a lot of imagination you really can make your home shine – like the season.

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