Wide Leg Pants
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Wide Leg Pants

No Sunday blues over here today because I’m officially on summer break! I do have chores/cleaning to do tomorrow though, but at least I won’t have to wake up really early to do them.

So these wide leg pants are technically supposed to be cropped pants, but since I am petite, they are more like regular pants on me. I wanted to try out the wide legged trend because it looks so comfy. These have a nice stretchy waist and a really nice ribbed detailing to them.

I wore them with a v-neck tee with an arrow print tucked in. I was supposed to wear this look at the Treading Waves book launch party last weekend, but after I took these photos I switched in to joggers to keep my pants wrinkle-free until the party later on in the evening. Then, I forgot the pants at my parents’ house! So I ended up wearing jeans with my arrow tee, but that’s okay.

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Tee: Kohl’s | Pants: Abercrombie & Fitch

I think I’m in to the wide leg trend especially if you’re wearing a fitted top to balance out the wide, oversized pants. I’ll have to try to find wide leg pants that are actually cropped on me.

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