Treading Waves – Book Launch Party

Over the weekend, I attended a book launch party – my first! I couldn’t stay long, but I wanted to stop by because I thought it was so exciting to be invited in the first place. Plus, if you know me very well personally then you know one of my dreams is to write books so getting a small glimpse in to the book world is really cool.

Treading Waves is the 3rd book in the Siren Anthology by S.R. Atkinson.

“The Siren Anthology follows 18-year-old girl Santi as she re-connects with her childhood friend Rogan, who is a mermaid (or “Serra”), and joins him to live under the sea. Santi and Rogan have both faced treacherous waters that included kidnappings, duels, and death, but always find their way back to one another. In Book 3, Treading WavesSanti and Rogan are still reeling from the tragedy as they try to fit into their new city of Daris. However, as Santi deals with these issues while training to defeat the Siren Queen Zitja, she and Rogan discover that some outside forces are sabotaging them and trying to use them for ill-gains.”

I haven’t read the series myself so I can’t tell you my thoughts or anything on the books, but they seem awesome and I love adventure, supernatural, fun stories with a feeling of magic so I’m sure I will really enjoy these books. They are being sent to me as I speak (write)!

The party was held at Cupa Coffee with light bites and refreshments. There was a raffle and a coloring contest too! Unfortunately, I missed out on S.R.’s reading to the guests but the time I did spend at the party was cool and it was amazing to meet her in person! She was seriously the sweetest and super friendly. I’m always awkward when I go somewhere new, especially when I’m alone, but S.R. came up to me shortly after I arrived and knew who I was so that was extremely nice and welcoming!

Funny story about the location of the party. Early that morning I was up in that area for an appointment. I was with my dad and I had told him I was going to be somewhere up in that area/town for an event in the evening. I wasn’t sure exactly where the cafe was but I knew it was somewhere in the general vicinity. Lo and behold when I arrived at Cupa Cafe that night it was in the building next door to where I was in the morning!

Cupa CoffeeTreading Waves Book Launch PartyTreading Waves Book Launch Party 1Treading Waves Book Launch Party 2

Treading Waves Book Launch Party 3Treading Waves Book Launch Party 4Treading Waves Book Launch Party 5

I can’t wait to get my hands on this series to read for myself so I can write a proper review for you guys!

Thank you to S.R. Atkinson and Smith Publicity for the invite!

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