5 Ways to Make Moving Day Less Stressful

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Moving house is thrilling. Whether you’ve found your dream house, or are excited to explore a brand new neighborhood, a move can be the refreshing new start you’ve been looking for. But moving is also notoriously stressful! What can be done to make the transition more chilled out? Hopefully, with these top tips, you can have a smooth move and enjoy your new home right from the start.


Get all hands on deck

There’s a lot that happens on moving day — loading the moving van, carrying that couch up three flights of stairs, unpacking hundreds of boxes. One person can’t do it alone! If you have friends or family in the area who can help you out for the day, don’t be shy to ask. You can pay them back by ordering pizza while you unpack at your new place. If nobody is available, hire a removals company to do the work for you.


Clear your calendar

Moving house often takes far longer than anticipated. You always have more stuff than you realized, and packing can take forever. Plus, you’ll have to clean your old house (or get it professionally cleaned) before you move out. Then you’ve got to pick up your new keys. That’s before you even start the long process of physically moving your boxes. Basically, you need to block out a fair chunk of time for this. Cancel any social plans on moving week and maybe even take a day of work. There’s nothing as stressful as running around last minute wishing you had more time.

Arrange transport ahead of time

Consider how you’re going to get to your new place with all of your belongings. If you’re hiring a removals company, they should provide the van for you. But if not, you’ll have to either rent your own van or do multiple journeys in the car. Think of how much furniture you have and what size it is to make the best decision for you. It’s worth getting a quote for a removals van and booking it in way ahead of time so you know it’ll be available on moving day.


Get storage sorted

Sometimes your move out and move in dates don’t quite match up. If you end staying on a friends couch for a couple of days, what will you do with all your boxes? You can hire storage to keep your belongings in a safe space while you’re between places. This can also be an option if you’re moving into a furnished apartment but want to hold on to some of your old furniture.


Box clever

Good quality moving boxes are an absolute must. You do not want your belongings to end up scattered all over the sidewalk because the box collapsed under the weight. Pack way ahead of schedule, and kit yourself out with duct tape and a sharpie, too. It’s a great idea to label each box with the room the items belong in. That way, the people helping you can take the box directly to that room in your new place, rather than stacking them all up in the hallway.

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