French Phone + Bubblegum
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French Phone & Bubblegum

A month or two ago I was inspired by a photo Jordan from Hello Miss Jordan (her whole vibe is so inspirational) posted where she wore a very 60s looking tweed outfit, had her hair in a high half pony, was blowing a bubble, and had a phone hanging by the cord next to her. I thought it was such a cute idea and it sparked an idea of my own where I would wear my Currently Unavailable sweatshirt to kick off my spring break, blow a bubble, and have my old french phone off the hook.

Yes, I have a french phone. I’ve mentioned this once or twice in the past, but as a kid I asked for weird things. Not weird like creepy things, but things that most kids probably wouldn’t ask for like a sewing machine, typewriter, french phone…

So I have a french phone and it’s not a decorate piece, it’s an actual phone that I had in my room for a few years.

Sweatshirt: Vici | Leggings: Express (here) | Socks: Aerie | Day Bed Bedding: Kohl’s (here) | Pintuck Throw Pillows: Etsy (here)

I don’t remember where I got the phone from as it was a very long time ago, but I linked to two that I found online. I’m not sure if those are legit phones or just decorative though.

I sat on the day bed in my guest room/office for the photos and propped my phone up on two pintucked throw pillows. Bedding and pillows are linked!

I like the way these photos turned out and I think it’s a nice way to kick off my break officially since I don’t count the weekend as holiday days off from work. Also, trying to capture a good bubble on camera is really hard!

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