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100 Rides on Peloton

Last week I made it to 100 rides on Peloton! This is a big deal not just because, hello, 100! – but because on Peloton the 100th ride means you are part of the Century Club. Basically, I get a shirt haha, but it’s the bragging rights and accomplishment that’s the big deal for me.

I have loved the Peloton since I got it at the end of August. It has been a highlight in my life the past few months. I truly look forward to every single ride and I find myself looking forward to them all the time.

Leggings: Aerie (here) | Sports Bra: Aerie (here) | Zip-Up Jacket: Jockey (here)

I love the theme rides – there are so many to choose from from pop to artist series (Backstreet Boys, Beyonce, Pentatonix, etc.) to Broadway to classic rock to EDM. There are tabata and HIIT rides. There are groove rides and interval & arms rides. And so much more! Rides vary in length too. One day I might feel like doing a 20 minute 90s Dance ride and another day I might to a 45 minute Pentatonix ride.

It keeps me so motivated to exercise. I have a few friends on Peloton too so it’s nice to arrange to ride together. It makes it much more fun!

I’ve been riding about 4 times a week and then trying to do 1 or 2 other days of other Peloton exercises like yoga or core strength through the app. I’m planning to do another blog post in the future about some of my favorite things to do that are non-cycling exercises through Peloton.

I haven’t ridden with all of the instructors, but my favorites are Cody Rigsby, Hannah Corbin, Emma Lovewell, Ally Love. I’m probably forgetting some. Oh! I’ve also really enjoyed some of Kendall Toole and Robin Arzon’s classes. And Jess King’s Experience rides with a live DJ. There are just so many good instructors and rides, but honestly Cody’s rides will always put me in a good mood. He is hilarious!

Let’s see how long it takes me to get to 200 rides! I’m currently participating in The Annual challenge, which is a challenge for the year based on minutes. Every 1,000 workout minutes on Peloton earns you a tier. Right now I’m 270 minutes away from reaching tier 1 (1,000 minutes). It goes all the way up to 15,000 minutes! I’ll keep you all posted on my progress!

If you’re on Peloton too, let me know and we can follow each other! My username is jamwong !

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