Perricone MD No Makeup Bronzer

No Makeup Bronzer

I have heard about Perricone MD’s No Makeup BronzerΒ for years along with the foundation. I picked up both during the Sephora VIB saleΒ but haven’t tried the foundation yet. The bronzer though, I have been using for a few weeks now and I love it!

I’m not crazy in to bronzing up my face or contouring – I do it lightly just to add some color to my face. The reason I bought the No Makeup Bronzer is because the foundation I’m currently using is a bit light for me at the moment. When I first heard about this liquid bronzer years ago, the YouTubers I had seen rave about it said you could mix it in with your foundation to darken it up. Genius!

What I’ve been doing is putting some foundation on my brush and then a bit of the bronzer on the brush as well. Then, I dot it around my face and just buff it all in to my face and voila! My foundation is warmed up a bit and it’s so easy to customize to how much darker you need it to be.

Perricone MD No Makeup BronzerPerricone MD No Makeup Bronzer + FoundationPerricone MD No Makeup Bronzer + foundation 1

Yin & Yang Statement Ring

The bronzer comes with a dropper, but I’ve just been unscrewing the cap which has a sponge tip attached and using that to brush on the product on to my foundation brush.

I’m loving this bronzer and can’t wait to try the foundation!

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