Piped Button Trim Sweater
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Piped Button Trim Sweater

Last year I got rid of one of my favorite sweaters. It was a black and white striped top with black piping and diagonal black buttons from the neck to the shoulder. Although it was one of my favs, I decided to finally part with it because it was starting to feel a bit snug and I figured it was just time to move on. It was still in good shape, so I sold it on Poshmark. And I’m telling you this was a good top, because the girl who bought it from me said she was buying it because she used to have the same one but hers got a hole in it from wearing it so much that she wanted a replacement.

Anyway, that top was from LOFT and when I saw this sweater on the LOFT website with black piping and buttons I had to have it! The old one was striped and a lightweight sweater or thick top. This one is a legit sweater with rib detailing.

Piped Button Trim SweaterPiped Button Trim Sweater 1Piped Button Trim Sweater 2Piped Button Trim Sweater 3Piped Button Trim Sweater 4Piped Button Trim Sweater 5Piped Button Trim Sweater 6Piped Button Trim Sweater 7Piped Button Trim Sweater 8Piped Button Trim Sweater 9Piped Button Trim Sweater 10

Sweater: LOFT | Leggings: J.Crew | Boots: UGG

This sweater is nice and warm with its decent thickness and weight. Perfect for the really cold weather we had earlier in the week. This isn’t the same as my beloved striped top, but it’s a nice addition to my sweater collection. I love the black piping and the buttons. Two really great details against the white ribbed sweater!

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