The Hidden Exotic Fraser Island Of Queensland, Australia

You may think that the stereotypical image of Australia is this huge barren wasteland where only the desert beatles and snakes can thrive. The hot sun is like no other in the world. It’s merciless and will suck the moisture off your skin in just a few minutes. That’s why the biggest and best cities in the country are all coastal settlements. Being close to the water is vital not just for leisure but for the health of the people. However, don’t let this part of the world fool you into think all it offers is sand and sun. There’s something hidden away just off the waist of Queensland. Here you’ll find a small exotic land of paradise, called Fraser Island. It’s on the east coast of the state of Queensland, which gives it access to the Coral Sea. These waters are a clear blue, with calming waves almost all year round. The island stretches a good 120 kilometers from end to end which makes it perhaps the best place on earth to go for long beach walks. Secluded and exotic, it’s a place that one could truly describe as paradise.

What’s the attraction?
The island is quite large and thus you can see where and how the erosion has shaped it’s shore. One of the attractions that many tourists would like to see firsthand is Arch Cliff. It’s a natural arch that has taken tens of thousands of years to form. The bright orange rock shows signs or erosions from all angles but the way the waves have been crashing into the arch is one of the most interesting points. As the shape of the arch has changed, so has the direction of the erosion pattern. The arch also gives the opportunity to take a boat ride underneath it and study the rock that has been uncovered. You could be looking at material that is millions of years old. It’s not uncommon to find ancient fossils trapped in the rock.

The full way around
The entire island is work exploring, but since it is many miles long one needs to have a plan that will achieve this. That’s why camping tours are the best way to see and experience everything. First you’ll have a swim in two lakes that the island has, namely Lake Birrabeen and Lake Wabby. Then you will wander into the rainforest, where you will hopefully run into turtles and eels. Before nightfall, you’ll head back onto the beach where a campfire and a barbecue dinner will greet you. The entire tour comprises of around 3 days and 2 nights making it an itinerary rich escape with lots of things to do. Who knows you might fall in love with the island and want to come back for longer.

The exotic Fraser Island is often seen as something of a hidden treasure. It’s a very long island with massive beaches but if you head inland, you have access to lakes and rainforests. You can even enjoy a classic ozzie meal on the beach late at night by the campfire. It’s just a complete trip and tour that will have you wanting to see more and more.

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