• Floral Nightgown + Waffle Knit Robe


    Summer Pajamas

    Are you a pajama set person or a t-shirt and shorts person? I’m a pajama set person 95% of the time. I’d say 100% but there have been times throughout my life when I just wore comfy shorts and a tee. Or when I was probably elementary school aged I would just wear huge oversized shirts that my dad would bring home from work conferences. But, for the most part I’ve also worn “real” pajamas my whole life. It’s been ages since I got a nightgown type pajama and when I saw this cute floral chemise from LC Lauren Conrad I had to have it. Actually, when I first saw…

  • Holly Print Thermal Pajamas

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    Holly Print Thermal Pajamas

    Merry Christmas! I hope all of you that celebrate Christmas had a wonderful Christmas Eve and have an equally great Christmas day. One of my fondest memories growing up is going to my grandparents’ house every week for dinner. That’s not the fond memory – it was a little boring – but during the holidays it would be such a fun ride (granted it was only 15 minutes) because I loved seeing all Christmas lights on the houses on the drive. My grandparents always got a real tree so I would go each week wondering if this was the week the tree would be there. In the later years, the…

  • Holiday Pajamas

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    Holiday Pajamas

    I’m a big fan of pajama sets. I don’t always wear matching pajamas – sometimes I mix and match lounge pieces I have, but I can’t say no to a cute pair of pajamas especially holiday ones. I think holiday pajamas are the ones I buy the most. And sometimes cute short sets in the summer. I got 2 sets of holiday pajamas this year on sale and since it’s Thanksgiving weekend a lot of sales are still going on. So if you’re like me and love holiday pajamas and comfy cozy ones at that, then keep reading! The first pair I bought this year are from the Extra Soft…

  • Candy Heart Pajamas

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    Candy Heart Pajamas

    I know Valentine’s Day has come and gone, but I’m just getting around to posting these candy heart pajamas today and so we’re just going to go by the old cliché that love should be celebrated every day. I saw these super cute pajamas on Instagram and while I’ve never been one to be in to monograms, these pajamas come with your monogram on one of the candy hearts and on the accompanying shorts. It’s a cute detail and while I’m still not crazy about monogrammed items I do love this set! The sweatshirt is nice and warm, but not too warm so you won’t be sweating while you sleep.…

  • Just Livin' The Dream Pajamas

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    Just Livin’ the Dream Pajamas + Life Update

    I was looking at pajama sets earlier this summer when I came across this cute oversized tee + striped shorts set from Gap. I love Gap pajamas – they’re always so comfy and fit well. I loved the graphic on the tee with the colorful “Just Livin’ the Dream” matched with the light blue and white wide striped shorts. It was the perfect pajamas for me to take with me on vacation so I wore them for the whole 2 weeks I was away which happily coincided with my birthday. Pajamas: GAP GAP does mix and match for pajamas so I bought the tee and shorts separately, but I love…

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    Pajamas All Day

      Pajamas All Day by lifeaccordingtojamie featuring a ribbon lingerie I wish I could be in my pajamas all day and in this exact look right now. But at home, not at work. For the “Pajamas All Day” style challenge on Polyvore, I put together a pajama look that I wished I could be in at the moment. How pretty is this light pink lace trimmed charmeuse silk camisole? So pretty! Since, we’re still in winter I paired the camisole with grey velvet pajama pants and the coziest looking fleece lined robe. I’d love to be wearing these pajamas right now in a cozy spot with twinkle lights strung up…

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    September 2017 Favorites

    And just like that it’s the last day of September! Where does the time go? I’ve been back to work for a few weeks now and it’s been tiring and chaotic, but I’m starting to get a routine down. Hopefully October will only get better. But with the end of another month, I’ve got some favorites to share. Back in the summer I bought 2 new pajamas from ASOS. I’ve been wearing them both in August and September and loving them. The first one is a pink & blue trim onesie with a unicorn patch. It’s super soft, comfy, and cute. The only thing that’s annoying, as with all onesies, is…

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    Pajama Party

      Pajama Party by lifeaccordingtojamie featuring lightweight furniture Pajama or slumber parties with girlfriends are something I don’t think I’ve done in years. Most of the time these days if I’m sleeping at the same place as my friends it’s because we’re all away together or something, so it’s not exactly a slumber party. Plus these days I feel like if we’re all out and I’m reasonably close to home, I’d really rather just sleep in my own bed! ***** So why am I bringing up slumber parties? My birthday was last week and I was thinking back to when birthday parties were all about sleepovers. In elementary school it would…

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    Twas the Night Before Christmas

    …and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse…. As my Christmas Eve winds down and I get ready to go to bed and prepare for Christmas Day, I thought I would share some pictures from my day. If you saw my cookie post from yesterday, I mentioned that I was going to try to make yet another cookie today if I had time. I had some time this afternoon so I was able to make them! They are essentially chocolate chip cookies but instead of regular chocolate chips, I used white chocolate chips and instead of walnuts I used pistachios. Then, I also added dried…