7 Of The Worst Things You Can Do In Your 20s

Your 20s is something many people call ‘the defining decade.’ This is because it can be the decade that helps to shape you in many ways. You will build relationships during this time that you will learn a lot from, and you’ll have experiences that could change the course of your life forever. This doesn’t mean that you need to do everything you want to do in your 20s because your life is over afterwards – it simply means that you can start putting a few of the important puzzle pieces into place now so you can have a satisfactory end picture. 

To help you out, below you’ll find 7 of the worst things you can do in your 20s. Take a look: 


1. Stop Challenging Yourself

It’s nice to be comfortable, sure, but you should not stop challenging yourself – especially in your 20s. If you stop challenging yourself in your 20s then it will be even harder to start challenging yourself again later on in life. Do things that scare you, meet new people, and learn new things. Use this time not to figure out what you want to ‘do’ forever, but who you are, what you like and don’t like, and more. 


2. Staying in A Relationship That Is No Longer Serving You

We’re all guilty of staying in a relationship that is no longer serving us from time to time. It can be difficult to leave when we are comfortable with someone and have shared so much, but if it is no longer what you want, it’s pointless sticking around and hoping it will change. 




3. Getting Into Bad Habits 

Cigarettes, too much alcohol, perhaps even non-stop scrolling – all of these things can be classed as bad habits. Some people may even get careless with driving, checking on notifications as they drive on quiet roads, or even drink driving. Accidents can and do happen this way, and if you do this you will need to be prepared to contact a dui attorney leyba to get you out of the mess you’ve made. 


4. Not Thinking About Your Future At All

Thinking about the future can take you out of the moment, but planning for it a little bit is something your future self will thank you for. Even putting aside a very small amount of money each week could make a big difference over the course of a few years. Managing your finances well is not something that is taught in school, but it’s something we should all get to grips with eventually. 


5. Wasting Time

Wasting time scrolling, binging TV shows over and over, and spending time with people who are no good for you are just a few ways those in their 20s waste their time. Another way is knowing what you want but not going after it! 


6. Rushing

Wasting time is one thing, but rushing can be just as bad. You don’t need to rush to keep up with others. Stop making comparisons and live life at your own pace. You’re not behind. 


7. Staying in A Job You Hate 

If your job is causing you major stress and anxiety, it could be time to leave. This is much easier when you have savings to fall back on, so bear that in mind. 

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  • AD

    Good post… especially about number 2… It’s important to remember why we got in a relationship in the first place and I doubt that reason is because the person makes us feel sad or mad most of the time around them…

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