Metallic Polka Dot

I don’t often wear button-downs as I find them constricting, but every once in a while I do like to give the classic wardrobe stable a spin. I’m a fan of polka dots. I’m not nearly as a big of a fan of polka dots as I am floral prints, but I’m a fan nonetheless. What makes this button-down with polka dots from JCrew Factory a little more special or different is that they are metallic or foil dots.

Metallic Polka Dots
Metallic Polka Dots 2
Metallic Polka Dots 3
Metallic Polka Dots 4
Metallic Polka Dots 1

In some lights this shirt looks black and in some it looks like a dark blue. I guess it depends on the lighting. I got a lot of compliments at work when I wore this button-down. It must be the way the foil dots catch the light!


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