Spacedye Knit Kimono

When I go to the movie theater I like to be comfortable since I’ll be sitting there for a few hours. I also like to wear layers because oftentimes it’s pretty chilly in the theater. When I went to see The Jungle Book last month, I wore this spacedye knit kimono from LOFT which provided some warmth and comfort while at the theater.

Knit Kimono
Knit Kimono 1
Knit Kimono 2
Knit Kimono 3
Knit Kimono 4

The structure and spacedye style of this kimono/cardigan gives me retro feels. I feel like this is just the style of sweater you would see in the 60s on a woman with a beehive hairstyle. I love this kimono. It’s so soft and it’s got pockets! Anything with pockets is always better. To sum it up, I love the feel, look, and throwback feeling I get from this knit kimono cardigan!

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  1. Comfortable and layered are a definite when going to the movies. I’m cold EVERYTIME. Cute Kimono and I definitely am feeling the retro 60’s vibe!!

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    1. Thanks!! Yeah it’s always cold at be movies but I’d rather be cold and wear layers than sit there sweating!


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