Not Another Ugly Sweater
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Not Another Ugly Sweater

Merry Christmas Eve!

It doesn’t feel like Christmas or Christmas Eve to me – I don’t know why! Christmas Eve is always my favorite because there’s the excitement of Christmas. Since I was little my family has always put more of an emphasis on Christmas Eve than Christmas. And while I still love Christmas day because there’s presents in the morning and family things and food during the day and evening, I always feel like Christmas day is so anti-climatic. It goes by fast and then it’s over and you have to wait a whole another 11 months to start decorating and all that again. But, Christmas Eve – there’s still the anticipation and excitement for the next 24-48 hours.

But enough of my rambling. What I’m here to talk about today is this cute sweatshirt. Ugly Christmas sweaters have been insanely popular for years but in recent years they have taken over work holiday parties, family parties, Christmas parties with friends, etc. While they’re meant to be ugly – I think a lot of them are so fun that they actually become cute rather than ugly!

This sweatshirt though makes a point to say it is not an ugly sweater. I love the bubblegum pink color, the darker pink details, the green Christmas Trees, white and pink hearts, and the dotted “Not Another Ugly Sweater”. It’s such a fun, clever, and cute sweatshirt.

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Sweatshirt: Wildfox via Nordstrom | Leggings: LC Lauren Conrad via Kohl’s

The sweatshirt is definitely oversized which makes it so much more cozy. I’m wearing a size small here and it is the perfect amount of loose.

To stick with the holiday theme, not to mention to go with a sort of monochromatic look, I decided to pair the sweatshirt with red velvet leggings.

Funny story – I was afraid this sweatshirt wouldn’t come. I had been eyeing it for about a week. I wanted to use some of the money I recently earned via the blog so I wanted to wait until a certain day when I had enough PayPal credit. Well, the day came and I went to buy the sweatshirt finally and it said they only had 1 left! I started panicking and trying to put it in my cart as fast as possible so I could snag the last sweatshirt. I was able to check out and then I was worried I would get an email saying that my order was canceled due to the item being sold out. Luckily, I did get the sweatshirt!

I love this sweatshirt and this look. I wore it to a holiday dinner at my friend’s place this past weekend. It was just a small gathering for friends at his new apartment, so I was able to wear casual wear and I could not wait to show off this sweatshirt.

Have a very Merry Christmas Eve!

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