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Off-Campus Luxe Edition

When I tell you I’ve waited forever for the luxe edition of the Off-Campus series by Elle Kennedy from Darkly by The Bookish Box, I’m not exaggerating. The news of the pre-order came out last July and the release date for pre-orders was when I was on vacation. Not a big deal, except I was in Washington state on vacation at the time and going to be at one of the national parks that day with no cell service. I knew it was going to sell out very quickly so I asked my brother to place the order for me. He and/or my now sister-in-law secured the order for me and I was so excited! The pre-order was originally set to ship out in September. Well, due to printing issues and then shipping issues, the orders didn’t end up being sent out until the end of June. So yes, I’ve been waiting forever! But the books are so gorgeous and detailed that the wait was worth it.

I only took detail shots of my two favorite books in the series – The Deal and The Score or else there would be a dozens and dozens of photos!

Originally, The Bookish Box said that they would be selling The Legacy separately and people who got the pre-order of these books would have priority, but seeing as how this order took almost a year to arrive I have no idea if that’s still happening! I know The Legacy would finish the emblem for Briar on the spine, but I’m just happy to have these! And of course I had to pose with the books with my Garrett Graham long sleeve tee!

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