• Yellow & Black Floral Top
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    Yellow & Black Floral

    Why do Mondays always come so fast? Many teachers in New Jersey have off this week for teachers convention, but not me. Hopefully the week will be pretty smooth and easy though. Today I’m sharing a look I wore to work last week. It is a button down black top with all-over golden yellow floral print. Fun fact: I got this top in Japan! I went in to an Uniqlo there since the company is originally from Japan. I spotted this top and really liked it and the rest is history! Top: Uniqlo | Pants: Old Navy | Shoes: Aldo The fit of the top is loose and the top…

  • Ruffle Button Down
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    Floral & Ruffle Button Down

    When I want to Forever 21 to exchange some Christmas presents that didn’t fit I bought three things: the floral pinstripe button down I wore (here), the gold leaf headband I wore (here), and finally this floral & ruffle button down. I love the sweet floral design, but the cute ruffle across the top is what sold me on it. Top: Forever 21 | Pants: American Eagle | Shoes: Simply Vera via Kohl’s I think the ruffle is the sweetest detail since it is so dainty. I paired the button down with wine colored pants and my block heel slides. It was an effortless look that looked really put together…

  • Floral Pinstripe Button Down
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    Floral Pinstripe

    It’s my last full week of work for the school year! Today is a field trip with seniors to Wildwood so hopefully that will be a good time and not stressful. For those of you who don’t live in my area – Wildwood is down the shore near Atlantic City and is a beach/boardwalk area. It’s going to be in the mid 90s here but the forecast looks to be about 15 degrees cooler down by the water so I’m hoping it’s not miserably hot out! I believe I mentioned this on the blog a few weeks ago, but back during the holidays my aunt bought me a few really…

  • Magenta Button-Down
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    Magenta Button-Down

    I love loose button-down tops for work. They look professional, but because they’re loose they’re not restrictive and I’m not constantly feeling like I need to readjust my top, pants, or suck it in! I got this magenta button-down with a small geometric green all-over print as a Christmas present along with a similar one in a baby blue with red print that I wore yesterday. I like the baby blue one, but I like this magenta one much more because it is such a gorgeous color. With the gloomy, rainy weather this week looking back on this top is brightening my day! Top: LOFT | Pants: Gap | Shoes: DSW I…

  • wild-floral-button-down
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    Wild Floral Button-Down

    I’ve been a fan of the button-down tops at Express for a long time and when I saw this wild floral print one there on a trip to the store last year I wanted to get it for multiple reasons. One, I love florals as most of you know. Two, it was something different and a different kind of print for a button-down than your normally see. Usually I get a solid color or something more simple like pinstripes or a very basic print. I thought this print and the colors were bold, bright, and cheery for those cool days. Top: Express | Watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs  

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    Metallic Polka Dot

    I don’t often wear button-downs as I find them constricting, but every once in a while I do like to give the classic wardrobe stable a spin. I’m a fan of polka dots. I’m not nearly as a big of a fan of polka dots as I am floral prints, but I’m a fan nonetheless. What makes this button-down with polka dots from JCrew Factory a little more special or different is that they are metallic or foil dots. In some lights this shirt looks black and in some it looks like a dark blue. I guess it depends on the lighting. I got a lot of compliments at work when…

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    Button Downs: Yea or Nay?

    I’ve never been a huge fan of button-downs. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate them and I like them on other people, but I personally don’t wear them often because I don’t usually feel super comfortable in them. I think it’s because they’re usually so fitted and stiff feeling. I feel like I end up spending most of the day just constantly pulling it down/stretching it down. Of course, I still own a few just because they’re the kind of clothing items that always seem like a good idea to buy for work. Anyway, when I do come across a button-down that I feel comfortable in it makes me pretty…